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"TANSIK" is an experimental group formed in 2009 with Hoshiko Yamane(Violinist) and Chizu Kimura(Dancer) to collaborate live music and contemporary dance to present theater piece with music which can also be visually enjoyable.




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Performed in September 2012


Concept: TANSIK (Chizu Kimura & Hoshiko Yamane) Choreography / Dance: Chizu Kimura

Violin: Hoshiko Yamane

Stage Design / Costume: Hitomi Ueoka



We were once all untouched.

As time passes, we get covered with various films, get decorated with different things.

Eventually they become part of us. Good or bad, consciously or not..

Everything we obtained as it goes.

Do we make the most of it...?



Premiered in May 2011

Concept and idea: Tansik

Choreography: Chizu Kimura

Music/Violin: Hoshiko Yamane

Dance: Marika Gangemi , Elisabeth Kindler, Satoko Mohri,

Stefanie Reintzsch, Melanie Müller


“When together, it could be pleasant or could probably be irritating.

Yet that is how it is….”




Performed in July 2009 in Berlin as a part of Berlin Fashion Week.

"HAKO" in Japanese means box, supposing this particular space as a little "box" to lead the story.



The first production "STARE" from TANSIK was presented in July 2009 at theaterforum kreuzberg in Berlin, with our special guest artist Mr. Shuichi Chino who is currently based in Berlin.

The evening consisted of two experimental theater pieces with spacy and visual music as its main principal, with the attempt of using the instruments as a character.



Presented in October 2008 at ACUDtheater in Berlin and represented in February 2010 at theaterforum kreuzberg.


"when being faced to choose one option from numerous alternatives, maybe you try visualising an infinite number of possibilities beyond, maybe you struggle and hesitate between, then you'll find yourself within..."


Choreograhpy: Chizu Kimura

Dance: Satoko Mohri / Chizu Kimura

(Yuko Sato / Caroline Roggatz )


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